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Tango Night Fever in Boulder
A story about the origin of Tango dance and the social impact in American culture.
Airs on KUSA 9News 10-26-19

La 2x4-FM 92.7 - BUENOS AIRES

Gustavo Naveira's interview


by Diego Rivarola


El bailarín, maestro y coreógrafo estuvo en el ciclo de Diego Rivarola, "El Tango en el mundo", por La 2X4. De visita en Buenos Aires, dejó su visión experimentada sobre la danza .


Gustavo Naveira's interview


by Sylvia Rojas


El bailarín, docente y coreógrafo de reconocida trayectoria mundial estuvo en el ciclo de tango de Radio Continental y realizó interesantes definiciones acerca de su trayectoria y el tango desde la danza y la música. Aquí les brindamos el pensamiento de un maestro que creó un estilo renovado pero con tradición, impulsor de nuestra danza para las nuevas generaciones.

premios mejor academia.JPG
master of the year 2018.jpg

The Premios Tango began in 2018 to honor outstanding artistic achievements and other merits in the world of tango. They are the only awards of their kind
They are conferred annually at the PremiosTango ceremony in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

-The Boulder Tango Studio won BEST ACADEMY 2018.

-The Boulder Tango Studio was nominated for BEST ACADEMY for 2017.

-Gustavo Naveira won TANGO DE ORO for 2017 and Best TEACHER 2018.

WestWord interview at BTS

Ole! Boulder Tango Studio Brings Argentina to Colorado

​Monday, September 18, 2017

Giselle Anne and Gustavo Naveira have performed tango on three continents, Naveira even pioneering teaching styles for the dance. Since 2010 the real-life couple and business partners have hosted a tango festival in Boulder, which is also home to their tango studio.


International Festival showcases local dancers on Pearl Street Mall

By Amy Bounds


Staff Writer

POSTED:   06/18/2017 08:40:53 PM MDT 


The local dance community brought their best moves and a big dose of culture to Boulder's Pearl Street Mall for Sunday's International Festival.

"Dance is one of the greatest joys in life," said Evangeline Christal of Tribal Misfits, a troupe that combines belly dancing and traditional Eastern arts with more modern dance forms. "We create beauty for those around us."

The weekend festival, organized by the Boulder Dance Coalition, kicked off Friday with a public square dance with Broomfield's Scootbacks Dance Cub.

Saturday and Sunday showcased more than 30 dance groups on a stage set up on the Pearl Street Mall, plus an international marketplace of hand-crafted and fair trade items.

Saturday night, there was also a public folk dance session led by the Barbelfish Balkan Band.

"We want people to come and dance," said Larry Utter, president of the Boulder Dance Coalition. "The rhythm of the music and the different harmonies, they just make you want to move. It's great fun."

Utter said the coalition's roots are in international folk dancing, with more forms of dance added over the years.

This year's festival offerings included a wide variety of folk dancing, from Scottish country dancing to Bulgarian folk dancing to ancient Hula. Audiences also were treated to performances of tribal fusion, tango, Chinese dance, Zumba and vintage dance from the 1910s, '20s and '30s.

"We want to showcase international dance from all over the world and show what dancers are doing in Boulder," Utter said.

The elaborate costumes were often as much the stars as the dances.

The dancers in the Postoley Dance Ensemble wore traditional costumes brought over from Poland, with the women in flowered skirts and lace-up tops and the men in white pants and flowered vests — and all in red boots.

One of the dancers, Theresa Szczurek, started dancing at 5 in a Polish neighborhood dance troupe in Chicago. Then in Boulder as an adult, she connected with Postoley and got back into performing folk dances.

"It's part of my heritage," she said. "It's a big Polish tradition. Dance keeps the spirit alive, even in the darkest times."

Another folk group, the Scottish Country Dancers of Colorado, invited members of the audience on stage, teaching them a simple circle dance and a simple line dance.

"It's part of my heritage," she said. "It's a big Polish tradition. Dance keeps the spirit alive, even in the darkest times."

Another folk group, the Scottish Country Dancers of Colorado, invited members of the audience on stage, teaching them a simple circle dance and a simple line dance.

"If you can move and smile, you can be a country dancer," said Jeff Davis of Fort Collins. "We want to show people it's possible."

He said the dances are often a way for people to connect to their heritages and participate in a social setting. They don't require a background in dance, with dancers able to walk the steps, or "strut with pride." But they do require practice and memorization to learn the patterns, he said.

"It's physical and mental exercise," he said.

Francesca Bini, a dancer with Boulder Tango Studio, said she also wants people to know that they don't need to be dancing experts to start learning to tango.

"You have to get over the edge of thinking you can't do it," she said. "There's always a growth process."

Bini, a former ice skater, said she tried learning several partner dances and settled on tango because it requires such a strong connection between partners. Then there's the bonus that her studio's two main teachers are known for their technical prowess.

"Boulder is this hub of excitement around tango," she said.



Daily Camera

Boulder,CO ,Friday September 30th ,2016

The month of October, 2016 has officially been proclaimed Argentine Tango Month in the State of Colorado by Governor John Hickenlooper.

Presenting Denver Blog

Boulder,CO does the Argentine Tango

Soma Feldmar-  Friday October 16, 2015

From Oct 2 - 4 2015, was the 6 Boulder Tango Festival, held at the Avalon balroom. The Festival was put on by Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne, who are the master Tango dancers and teachers behind the Boulder Tango Studio.

The main performance evening was Oct. 3, boasting performances by all four of the world class teaching couples that were part of the festival (they all taught workshops as well). I had no idea there is such a strong Argentine Tango presence in Boulder, CO, but since Gustavo and Giselle moved there, they have held an annual festival that brings people from all over the U.S. On Saturday night, I met a small group of tangueros (tango dancers) who had come from Cincinnati.


Read more here



Boulder Magazine


Summer 2015  -page #118

Boulder Tango Studio 

Presents classes for all levels, periodics performances and a Tango festival in the fall. The studio is inside the Avalon Ballroom, 6185 Arapahoe rd.


Read more here




with Jim Cotter

Interview in Philadelphia-  May 2015

In the popular imagination, tango is an exotic seduction born of the sultry streets of Buenos Aires. In truth, it is a complex improvised dance form practiced the world over. - See more at:




Fisher Center Events

Total Tango in the Spiegeltent
An Evening of Dance and Performance with Maestros Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne


August 6, 2015

Doors open at 6 pm, performance and instruction begin at 6:30 pm, dancing from 8–11 pm

A very special event in tandem with the festival’s exploration of 20th century music from Latin America, we welcome two of world’s most respected tango maestros, Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne to the Spiegeltent. Artists at the heart of the global revival of Argentine Tango, Naveira and Giselle will demonstrate the historical and cultural reach of tango, and guide those unfamiliar with the practice. Later, dance to live music with renowned tango musician Joe Powers and DJ Ilene Marder, as the Spiegeltent transforms into its own summery milonga





Colorado Public Radio Interview
Dancing at CPR Studios

Centennial, CO /September 29th 2014





TV  Interview at the BTS


Boulder Channel 8

50 up! / Senior Spotlight

Boulder, CO / January 2014





Step into the Mystery of Argentine Tango.

elephant journal - By Marlena Rich - January 9, 2014


“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.” ~ Anaïs Nin

There is no way to know if you will be able to dance tango until you try it.

People who do well at the dance of tango fit no description or range of characteristics, but rather it is a completely random sampling of individuals who succeed. Some professional or formerly professional dancers of another form come to tango and fall flat, while the most unsuspecting individuals show up with the capacity to learn with ease, grace and speed. According to Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne, world master dancers and teachers, there is no commonality among those who become adept and avidly addicted to Argentine tango. Yet I believe there are a few noteworthy characteristics we all share at a very core level.

Dance partners opening tango school in Boulder

BOULDER COUNTY BUSINESS REPORT  -  By Elizabeth Gold - November 8, 2013


Partners in dance and life, Giselle Anne and Gustavo Naveira have offered Argentine tango lessons and dance space at Boulder’s Pearl Street Studio for years. They’re now in the final stages of bringing the area a bigger taste of the dance by opening the Boulder Tango School in January. “Dance itself is a communication system,” said Gustavo Naveira, speaking of the dance for which he and his partner, Giselle Anne, have become internationally known: the tango.“It’s not like going to school, learning a syllabus, taking an exam and getting licensed,” he said, describing the process of learning the form. “The tango has no limits. You can go on learning and discovering all the time through it.”

Step into Argentine Tango Mystery - By Marlena Rich - December 2013

There is no way to know if you will be able to dance tango until you try it. People who do well at the dance fit no description  or range of characteristics, but rather it is a completely random sampling of individuals who succeed at the dance of tango.



Boulder Tango Studio

Boulder Magazine Summer 2013

Schedule to open in August, this new Tango Studio will host classes workshops and evening dance parties with demonstrations and traditional Argentine food. At the Avalon Ballroom, 6185 Arapahoe Ave.     -


Celebrated professional tango dancers open Boulder Tango Studio

BOULDER WEEKLY   -  by Camilla Sterne - July 11-17  2013

To hear a person talk about tango is to witness  a blushing love affair. They'll speak of the heart, of un unspoken connection between partners, of a passion; they might even go so far as to call it an addiction. To hear tango dancers describe their art is to be a voyeur of smoldering intimacy, one that is only understood  by those who are on the secret.



It Takes Two

5280 Magazine   -  by Justine E Hausheer - October  2013

Argentina, Uruguay.....these are the capitals of the Latin Tango. And Boulder? The city may  soon join their ranks, thanks to this month's debut  of the Boulder Tango Studio. The spot's founders and world-renowned tango stars Gustavo  Naveira  &  Giselle  Anne  (pictured)  have  danced

together  for 18 years, helping shape an entirely new genre of the sizzling dance-and now they 're bringing it to tango seminars held four times a year ($400 singles, $700 per couple), during wich they'll receive pointers  from the being able to establish that connection with your partner. "Goodbye fleece; hello fringe".

IN PERSON: Catch  the world's top tango -ers, including Naveira & Anne , at the Boulder Tango Festival , October 4 to 6.



Fun Events Around Boulder In May
Tango Practica
Every Friday, 8:00 p.m. Learning a new dance step is a great way to make up for any New Year’s resolutions that didn’t quite make it to mid-spring. The Boulder Tango Studio on Arapahoe has an open practice session, with tango experts if you need guidance. This would also be a good time to learn a move or two if you have a bunch of invitations to weddings this summer.



Radio Interview KGNU Boulder

September 26 2013- by G&G


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