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Dance at home!

A New way to learn tango.

For almost 3 years, with the beginning of the pandemic, and forced to teach online, we have created these classes to kept everybody active at home.

The remote classes, and the virtual learning was instaled, and we have finally developed and improved teaching through this system as it offers many new possibilities.

Wherever you are, you can dance and even learn to dance...

If you cannot be in person with us this is your chance to take classes.

Zoom classes are friendlier than you can imagine... they have many advantages.

*This new way to learn tango It's very easy to implement.

*You don't need to travel anywhere. 

*Get immersed in our way to teach little by little and understand our Method.

*No pressure from us: we can correct and watch you  only if you like.

*Accept the challenge wherever your level is!

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