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Comments from G&G's students

We are extremely proud and thankful for these kind word...
People call this nuevo tango; but it isn't; it is just tango



"For three years, I went through all the milongas of Buenos Aires ...
before I found Gustavo.
When I found Gustavo, I followed Gustavo ...
Gustavo changed my dance.
Changed my mind.
Changed my life ...
My view of tango opened in a way I never imagined before."

Mariano (Chicho)

Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne
have changed thousands of tango dancers' lives ... for the better.
Isn't it your turn?
to become one of the most highly sought-
after partners for  dancing tango?

It is hard to put in better words
than Chicho's the monumental 
advances in tango that have
come about because of
Gustavo Naveira.

Giselle Anne and Gustavo
Naveira's unparalleled mastery
of teaching and dancing the
tango has influenced nearly all living
gifted tango teachers and performers
in every corner of the world, . . .

but also thousands of social
dancers, people with little or no
intention of teaching or
performing, and yet wanting to
learn more of tango than what
they can get elsewhere.

For tango dancers today and
in the future, the gift is the
amazing explosion of ideas for
dancing  tango in ways that
were technically, structurally,
and most  importantly,


rarely if ever realized in the

The contrast between tango
videos from the 1970's and 80's
and from today speaks clearly
for the recent history of tango, . . .
and for Gustavo and Giselle's
preeminent role in defining the
trajectory of tango today.

The entire genre continues to
be redefined and
simultaneously refined right
before our eyes, guided first
and foremost by Gustavo and

All we have to  do is
open our eyes and ears and
trust only what we see and hear,
and most importantly, let what
we see and hear make us think!

See how the old and the new
can not only coexist, but 

Hear it explained
clearly and brilliantly how
embrace, rhythm, and
trajectories, not secrets, define
the  alternatives and the
imperatives when two people
are in the tango embrace.

Choose to approach the
learning of tango intelligently
as a form of art accessible to
the common person, and far
beyond a collection of steps
and poses.

At crucial moments in the
history of any field of human 
endeavor, a few individuals
have shown the way forward.

At the time when Bach or
Einstein or Manet were sharing
with  the world the fruit of their
labor guided by their genius,
they were light years ahead of
everyone else.

Tango is no exception.

For a tango dancer, NOW,
evolution is not only possible,
but accessible if the desire is there.

We are proud to be a catalyst
for meaningful, lasting
change: to keep what's good
in the old, and embrace what's 
good in the new.

We invite you to take
part, to allow your tango to evolve,
to find your OWN style, at your own
pace, so that . . .
you may not only enjoy it now,
but also look back in the future
without regretting to have
chosen to sit out the opportunity . . .
to find, define, and refine your own
voice as a tango dancer.

Gustavo and Giselle
give you exactly that opportunity!

The same one Gustavo gave Chicho.

"people call this Bebop; but all
I'm trying to do is play clean."
Charlie Parker

"people call this nuevo tango;
but it isn't; it is just tango."
Gustavo Naveira





You, who are my brother...!


...I thanks  Almighty God for having placed in my tango path my first teacher Gustavo Naveira, in 1998 when I took my first lesson in Cochabamba street where he taught back then.

It was a blessing that Naveira was the first one to who taught me to "crawl in order to walk" and dance tango. I'm eternally  grateful, and with all his rules and teaching , being able to dance was for me a beatiful dream come true......


                           Ana Rossell-Denver ,CO

                                               March 2013

                         From La Milonga Argentina-Bs As



We just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to both of you  for the excellent "Fundamental Walk" seminar we attended in January.  That seminar was filled with a tremendous amount of incredible technique and important/essential tango walking instruction.  We found that your delivery and detailed level of instruction was just perfect for the topic.  We really appreciate the amount of passion and energy that you put into teaching these seminars.

               Student fromSteamboat Springs, CO

Feb 22,2016



Thank you so very much for sharing your expertise in continuously new ways!  

The Adornos Seminar was my favorite of all the many seminars you teach...the one we have been waiting for.  You challenged us to new levels of creativity and beauty in our dance.  You offered a broad spectrum of ways we can play with adornment inside an array of very interesting sequences in which to apply them.  I loved the diversity of the material, including some valse practice, and the time sped by with joyous appreciation by all.  
You create an atmosphere of fun combined with great focus and intention.  We learn through your teaching to grow our tango and to become better people along the way.  Our community, including those who travel here to participate, is expanding in size, dance capacity and depth.  I am excited about the future of tango right here in Boulder/Denver, Colorado.
Thank you again with all my heart!


February 28 2017


Ho conosciuto Gustavo a fine anni’90. Pochi come lui possono fregiarsi della qualifica di Maestro. Il suo metodo di insegnamento , la sua capacità unica di trovare difetti e correggerli, l’ abilità nel trasmetterti i segreti del tango ovvero fornirti gli strumenti per poter costruire il proprio personale percorso ne fanno un didatta straordinario. Così come straordinario è l’artista, in grado di coniugare tecnica, musicalità ed interpretazione. 

Gustavo Naveira

 rimane una tappa obbligatoria nel l’evoluzione del tango. Senza di lui tutto sarebbe stato differente. Grazie maestro

Sabino Supersabino Cirulli
August 12, 2020


I have really enjoyed taking Giselle’s online tango technique class on a weekly basis for the past 18 months. At first, I struggled to perform the movements and maintain my balance; but after several months of consistent regular attendance, I realized that everything was becoming less difficult and more enjoyable- yet always an exciting challenge.  


Moving myself alone - without a lead and the assistance of a partner has benefited me greatly. I am now much more  aware of my role and  responsibilities as a follower.  In addition, I gained a clear understanding of many terms, concepts and types of movements ( e.g., enrosques, flameo, agujita, etc.). The main structure of tango ( the “code of walking”) as well as the various rhythms and timings ( 1-3-1/1-2-1/1-41) are becoming more naturally incorporated into my movements.    


Besides these benefits, the exercise is wonderful and the classes are much more fun than a gym aerobics class, as the music is fabulous! When I miss a class I truly feel disappointed - that usually does not happen with many other activities. I highly recommend taking these fun and informative technique classes on a regular weekly basis. 


Anita Saha

October 28, 2021


Mr. Naveira: 

Primera consideración "El goce de la leyenda llamada Gustavo y Giselle": la otra noche, cuando peregrinamos los fieles devotos la de musicalidad devenida en maestros-bailarines, hacia Glorias Argentinas, mientras la pétrea columna se empecinaba en ser obstáculo a mi deleite estético, en lo álgido de la coreografía de Don Juan, un parroquiano sin mediar intención alguna de mi parte, me comento extasiado que en esa misma pista había bailado incontables veces un tal Virulazo. Considerándose el afortunado de poder haber sido participe de dicho fenómeno, sin mediar pausa, en mi cabeza sonó algo así como "pensar que en los años por venir yo tal vez pueda contarle de la misma manera que lo hace hoy conmigo, a un hijo, un nieto o  a quien sabe quien -"pibe: yo en esta pista vi bailar a Gustavo Naveira"- delicia de delicias. (¿qué grosso no?).

 Segunda consideración. Ayer volvimos a gozar de tu baile, tu buen humor y tus anécdotas (esas que te dan un respiro) tu proyección teatral, tu oído y tu Tango. Cuando abrazas a Giselle y las miras a los ojos, con una cercanía entre los rostros que casi se vuelve imperceptible la distancia entre ellos, a final de cada pieza musical, me vienen al espíritu una lluvia de imágenes de una fuerza, vigor, belleza y nobleza, que hacen en mi volver a amar al hombre como tal, apartando mi oído esas voces cansadas y nihilistas que han perdido el amor por él. ¡Me dejo llevar sobre los ligeros pies del placer de sentirme hombre como genero!  

Tercera y última consideración: cuando somos niños, algunos, entre los cuales me incluyo, tomamos con amor celoso, modelos a los cuales queremos parecernos por diversas razones, las cuales a veces de manera sutil van moldeando nuestro carácter, valores y metas. Saber mantener cierta frescura, espontaneidad y jovialidad del espíritu de aquellas épocas, es algo de lo cual estoy lejos de querer discutir sobre su valor, psicológico o moral, es una sensación más bien. Ayer mirándome en el espejo de un baño de pizzería, vi de vuelta por este la expresión de niño que dice "como me gustaría ser y bailar como él" (dejando de lado toda consideración estética del caso) lisa y llanamente la vuelta a la inocencia del admirar al maestro con fecunda emoción y afectividad. 

Un abrazo.

Juan Pablo


Why Gustavo Naveira is the best Tango teacher alive.

Presumptuous title, right? But in every human endeavor that is worth doing, we should be able to say fearlessly, and unequivocally, that someone, somewhere, living at this moment, is the best at what they do. Note, I am not discussing whose dance style you like the most, who is the most creative, who is the most elegant, who is the most technically detailed, who is the most musical, etc. All areas of artistic and aesthetic merit in art are highly subjective, and debatable. I am talking about the best teacher in terms of pure professionalism and pedagogical skills, knowledge, experience, personality, enthusiasm, patience, obvious joy in what they do, a natural sense of ease and humor that puts students at ease to the upcoming challenge, and an intense curiosity as to how things got to be the way they are, why certain aspects of the dance developed the way they did, how to physically arrange the partnership of two dancers in space to facilitate the idea being expressed, and giving the students the tools so they can explore for themselves and enhance their dance expression without losing the spice or essence of the idea being expressed, or the narrative of the chosen music, or what differentiates this thing we call Tango. Right now, that person is Gustavo Naveira. (That the dance style and muscality of GyG resonates with me in a highly personal and emotional way is simply the icing on the cake, but it is not the reason for this note). When you take workshops and seminars with Gustavo y Giselle, you get the total package that makes the learning process so intellectually, emotionally, physically, and musically satisfying. There are lots of teachers out there who can teach you movement, how to handle your body, how to improve your balance and technique. But, if you are truly manic about tango, and really want to get to the core of this thing we call tango, know the why of tango instead of just how, you get that with Gustavo. If you really love the music, and want to tell a story with your dance, really fitting your phrasing of the music with your emotion, with your personal expression, and you still want the learning process to be a whole lot of fun, sprinkled with laughs and challenges, so that after 6 hours in one day you still are rolling on overdrive at the last idea of the day, well, you get that with Gustavo. I have seen him teaching a total beginner class at the end of an exhausting week seminar, literally his 8th hour of his 8th day teaching, with the same enthusiasm as he had the first hour of the first day. Impressive. Perhaps its a function of timing; teaching for 30 years, he had the chance to question and discuss what the older milongueros remember from watching the greats of long ago, Cachefaz, Petroleo, and having himself studied with such as Todaro, Pepito Avlellaneda, Gustavo is chock full of stories of characters and places in tango that bring the history alive for you, and give you context. I think that is key, everything he presents has a certain grounding in terms of context in tango, how the quintessential elements of the dance were developed, and how to best utilize them in terms of function within the music and within the relation of the partners. Gustavo ran a twice a week creative practica at Cochabamba 444 in San Telmo for 18 years, and this place was a real laboratory which fostered an explosion of creativity in the development of teaching technique and structural analysis of what is actually happening in tango, and how to think about the dance in a way that makes true lead and follow so much easier. Some of the mad scientists who came of age in this lab included Chicho, Fabian Salas, Pablo Veron, Luciana Valle, others. They will tell you they did not create any "new" tango, they simply analyzed more deeply than before what was going on, explored the limits of the tango movements, and figured out a way to explain it in a way that is easily understood and utilized for the creative process. So, whether its due to being born in the right place and time, having the right combination of interpersonal qualities that make a great teacher, an insatiable curiosity and analytical mind, or many other intangibles, I truly feel fortunate and honored to be able to partake of this great resource, and learn tango from Gustavo Naveira.


                  Martin Nussbaum, NY (Notes)

                                          May 28, 2013



por la pasión y la habilidad que poneis en vuestros trabajo. 

Ademàs  queremos decirle gracias por la paciencia, la humildad, la discreción junto a  la indiscutible profesionalidad y a la capacidad de ustedes de transmitir conceptos (complejos para nosotros... como el tema del seminario en Cesena).

Regresamos casados pero feliz y satisfecho  de haber compartido una experiencia  tan profunda... 

Un  saludo y un fuerte abrazo  esperando de volver en proximo futuro a estudiar tango con dos Maestros como Vosotros!


Francesco y Patrizia

June 30, 2015




The intermediate classes have been beautiful. The harmony of order and structure in movement, I suppose.... There is an enormous amount of knowledge and thought behind those "textbook figures" (as it were) that allow us to move together in a remarkably satisfying way. So much needs to be in place--individually and in the couple dialogue--for those figures to actually work, and so much can be learned by practicing them. Very good stuff. Very sophisticated way of teaching, as always, integrating "everything". I look forward to taking these classes again, when I get the opportunity.

I am so happy you are doing all this for us!



                           Student from Boulder

May 13,2014


I can not thank you enough for all of your help.  My private joke is, last year when I attended one of your events, I knew nothing about Tango.  This year I know even more about how little I know of this incredible world of Argentine Tango.  Your teaching is wonderfully powerful, while Giselle always helps to give it a smile.  Together you exhibit precision and incredible quality in every demonstration of a movement.  Again and Again watching you teach I felt as if it was a performance just broken apart into pieces to make it easier for us to grasp.   Again thank you  for your help and most of all for your leadership and love for the Tango  world.    It is an honor and privelege to study in your classes


Student from Minnesota

September 16, 2014




I first wanted to tell you both that your structured method of teaching Tango is by far the very best set of dance classes that I've ever had.  The classes take someone like myself from the very basics and then adds a layer of complexity each time, that is challenging and fun.



      Student from Boulder

Feb 11,2015



I am sure that many people give you wonderful complements and tell you how wonderful you are all the time. It is my turn. I hope I convey my thoughts well when I write; anyone that appreciates the art of human movement in all its forms will recognize that you are a master with a connection to the divine that inspires all artists. I am thankful that the path you chose is to share it with the rest of us.


Thank you,


                                                        Feb 1, 2017


 Gustavo e Giselle per me rappresentano l'enciclopedia del Tango.
Potrei definirli la Wikipedia del Tango per la capacità di definire ESATTAMENTE ogni singolo gesto legato al ballo, alla struttura ed alle varianti possibili.
Grazie Giulio e Sabina per averci dato questa possibilità di studio....diciamo a Km 0.
Grazie ai MAESTRI per averci regalato emozioni uniche con l'esibizione del sabato, ma anche per aver condiviso con tutti noi la pista della milonga del venerdì mescolandosi nel ballo con debuttanti e non. GRAZIE


Graziano Fenzi 

Junio 27,  2017



Gustavo Naveira e Giselle Anne, ovvero la magia del tango. Intensi, eleganti, energici, poetici: confermo la prima impressione. E confermo che sono irrimediabilmente innamorata di questa coppia di artisti. Ascoltarli, guardarli, osservarli, ti incanta, ti forma anche senza esserne consapevole, ti attraversa come un’onda. L’unicità di Gustavo e la forza di Giselle è, per me, l’origine di quella nebbia di feeling, amore, anime e tango che mi ha fatto compagnia.

Cetti Lipari
July 24, 2019


Sometimes a couple dance a song so well they put their stamp on it and own it thereafter. This is true for me with GyG owning most later period Disarli. It is also true with CyJ and Darienzo. Finito. I'm sorry, tango world, thats just how it is


Martin Nusbaum -NY August 29 ,2022


I feel that Gustavo and Giselle's dance has only become more authentic to who they are as a tango couple. They have a particular style of their own (as do every couple) and they are masters at displaying all the main three "styles" of tango: Neo/Nuevo (which speaks mostly about the structure and not style but has become referred to as a style), Salon, and Milonguero. Also they have extensive knowledge and experience on the stage so they know how to captivate their audience in a more intimate way off the stage. If you are true masters, you will have explored everything in Tango. For me this is why they are the King and Queen of Tango! Also they've been sharing this life together for many many years 

August 2023



I would like to take this moment to express our heartfelt gratitude to both of you for the invaluable insights you've shared and the tireless effort you've invested in communicating them. It has been a true privilege for us to be part of your online classes and attend your workshops in Berlin this year. Although we still have a mountain of notes to sift through and even more details to practice, I can confidently say that you have not only transformed our dance but also enriched our overall perspective on Tango. Your attention to intricate details, ones that other teachers often overlook or simply don't mention, has made an indelible impact, and we are truly grateful for the difference they've made.

Robert & Annina

December 22, 2023-UK


Sometimes a couple dance a song so well they put their stamp on it and own it thereafter. This is true for me with GyG owning most later period Disarli. It is also true with CyJ and Darienzo. Finito. I'm sorry, tango world, thats just how it is


Martin Nusbaum -NY August 29 ,2022


Ayer en "La Nacional" volvieron a dar cátedra los más grandes maestros de tango ante la mirada de admiradores, amigos y envidiosos. Ya rezarán pronto los graffitis "Si Buenos Aires es Tango, Giselle y Gustavo son Buenos Aires"  En su arte los admiro respeto y por que no, los quiero un poquito.

quedo afectísimo de Uds.

Juan Pablo



 The Greatest Maestro of Tango in The World

In the world-wide community of Argentine tango (an enormous community now on every continent), there are a few maestros that are sought after everywhere. These are people who have studied, danced, and written about tango so extensively that to dance with them means that you’ll receive the distilled essence of the form itself — its movement, its history, its soul.One of these maestros — perhaps THE maestro of all — is Gustavo Naveira.“So, you see, you can go this way ..." Gustavo points directly ahead over his wife Giselle Anne's right shoulder. "Or ..." He turns to the left and points with the same finger behind him. "... you can go that way."He smiles, somewhat puckishly.The students, about fifty of us, gathered recently in a ballroom in a San Francisco hotel, scratched our heads, muttering, some laughing. Although what he and Giselle Anne had just demonstrated was beyond beautiful, the rest of us dancing would more probably look like glum, confused insects struggling over a little crumb of bread."This way or that way." Sounded simple. Very difficult to do.

Gustavo Naveira is the greatest teacher of Argentine tango in the world. With his wife Giselle Anne, he displays a complete knowledge of tango movement and the reasons why tango works so marvelously as a dance form. To study with them is to receive an encyclopedic — and very exciting — knowledge of where tango comes from, of its traditions and grand forms, its lore, its music and extraordinary musicality. You don't just do steps, as is so often the case in dance classes, even those taught by other considerable Argentine maestros. Gustavo displays the variations. He asks, "Why do it this way instead of that way?" He changes direction in ways that at first appear impossible. But when he and Giselle Anne do it, it appears altogether natural. And if you and your partner have enough ability, curiosity, emotional intensity, and plain gumption, you'll get it too.

The noted Argentine maestra Nora Dinzelbacher suggested that I go to Buenos Aires with my amor Beatrice Bowles, to participate in one of Gustavo's famous five-day seminars. He will plan a series of classes on a certain genre of tango movement or, in the case of the series we attended, on the musicality of tango itself. Nora and her husband Ed Neale have participated in several of these, and she counseled us that, although this would be one of the most difficult things we would ever do in tango, it would reward us many-fold. New understandings. A more profound way of approaching the music. A view of tango dance movement that would be far more broad and meaningful than anything we had ever seen before.

That turned out to be so.

So when we heard that Nora had subsequently asked Gustavo and Giselle Anne to participate in Nora's Tango Week, a celebration of tango that was in its tenth edition this year, we knew we had to go there too. Now a San Francisco institution, Nora's Tango Week has long been the standard by which such festivals in the United States are measured. She was related by marriage to the famous Dinzel family of tangueros, and so is connected in a very direct way to the scene in Buenos Aires. She personally knows everyone who's anyone in tango in Buenos Aires, which effectively means that she's privy to the highest quality of dancer in the world.

A class from Gustavo and Giselle Anne begins simply enough. He is not a tall man, in his forties with very dark hair, who dresses for the classes simply in a pair of slacks, a sport shirt and shoes. Seeing him walk across the street, you would not suspect that you were watching a volcanic arbiter of great dance and a noted historian of the genre.

Gustavo has been teaching worldwide for many years. Asked in a 2004 interview in the Argentine publication Pagina 12 why so many people outside of Argentina wanted to study tango, he said "It's a dance that offers you a number of answers to the problems of modern life, because it occasions a solution for easing loneliness — a theme that in Europe has become so important — and because it's a guide to communication that goes far beyond language and culture. Besides that, it allows the person to liberate himself, at least for a moment, from the pressure that The State can exercise over him or her, and it's also a kind of game in which the roles of the couple can be rediscovered once again."

He's done a few turns in the movies as well, most famously as one of Sally Potter's partners in her film The Tango Lesson.


                    Terry Clarke, San Francisco, CA

                                 September 12, 2007

                             From: Blogcritics Culture






Tampa Tango

March 18 ,2016


A Special Note about Gustavo Naveira and Fabian Salas

On the weekend of April 8 – 10th, the event ‘Yunta Brava, Florida’ will be hosted by Kathleen and Steve and will be featuring some of the very best tango teachers in the world, Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne and Fabian Salas & Lola Diaz. Some of you are already familiar with Fabian and Lola from their visit here last year but might not be familiar with Gusatvo and Giselle. That is why I am taking this opportunity to tell you a little about them from my personal perspective.

Gustavo and Fabian are two of the most influential tango teachers of our time. In the mid-1990s, they took time out from teaching and performing to spearhead a group of tango teachers to do an investigation of tango, its structure, and they way it is taught and understood. From these sessions, came an insight into tango that was so revolutionary that it became known as ‘tango nuevo’. This was not a term used by Gustavo and Fabian at the time but from other professionals who recognized how important this work was.

Over the last few years, there have been many wonderful traveling tango teachers visiting our area and I can quite confidently say that more that 90 percent of them have been either directly or indirectly influenced by this work that Gustavo and Fabian did.

Personally, I met Fabian in 1997 at the first Miami Tango Congress and he was the first teacher that made tango readily understandable because there was structure and logic to what and how he taught. I met Gustavo on my first trip to Buenos Aires in 1999 when he and Fabian organized the first Congresso International de Tango Argentino. I couldn’t believe how fortunate I felt having discovered these invaluable resources for learning how to dance and teach Argentine tango. Since then, I have travelled to countless tango festivals because either Gustavo or Fabian were teaching and I’ve always learned more that I hoped. They have definitely been the biggest influence on my teaching.

Gustavo also was the first to introduce the concept of a weeklong workshop with just one couple teaching, himself and Giselle Anne. Where previous events introduced you to many fine teachers, this new concept allowed you to work, in depth, with one consistent point of view. Before this, you could only do that by scheduling many, many private lessons. This has also been imitated many times since then.

Everyone has their own opinions on who is ‘best’ but I can safely say that, if a poll was taken of one thousand of the world’s most experienced and accomplished tango dancers, Gustavo& Giselle Anne and Fabian & Lola would be on the top of more lists that any other teacher.

I also want to tell you that no one has asked me to write this. I am doing so only because I don’t want any of our local tango dancers to miss out on this opportunity to find out the next week that they should have take these classes. This is the first time that Gustavo and Giselle Anne will be in this area and, though I would love to see them come back, this is the only scheduled appearance for them.

These classes all have limited attendance and they will sell out, so don’t wait until the event weekend arrives and hope to get tickets at the door. Visit the website and pre-register as soon as you can.

Victor Crichton



To Giselle: 
Como alumno, en mi corto camino transitado en este baile maravilloso que es el Tango, reconozco que no fue uno de los menos alegres descubrimientos en mi vida, el haber tenido la oportunidad de conocerlos. En el comienzo, como a todo alumno de genero masculino, lo primero que me atrajo, es sin dudas el referente que significa Gustavo en ese aspecto,  desde la postura, la proyección, la marca, el carácter masculino hasta el abrazo.
Con el tiempo mi capacidad de observación fue ampliándose y hoy siento la necesidad, amén de como alumno, sino también como espectador y admirador, de reconocer a través de tu trabajo, tu baile en fin, de ese maravilloso espectáculo que brindas cada vez que bailas junto a Gustavo, del enorme rol o papel que juega la mujer en la totalidad de los aspectos que tiene que ver con el baile de tipo entrelazado como lo es el Tango. En palabras más "criollas" si se quiere o más simples pero no por eso menos categóricas, antes yo solía pensar "¡Cómo baila Gustavo!" hoy además de ello incorporo para mi esta otra afirmación..."¡Cómo y cuánto baila Giselle Anne!" un reconocimiento que vuelvo a repetir como alumno y espectador me llena de satisfacción y placer.
Un saludo y un abrazo.  

To Gustavo: 
¿Qué es lo que hace que un maestro realice una exhibición como la de ayer, con elementos, en apariencia sencillos y mueva a esa respuesta del público? Ayer, después de haber asistido a varias exhibiciones, caí en cuenta, soy duro lo reconozco, de que Gustavo "milonguea" durante muchos pasajes y momentos de las mismas. Ese es un don que lo distingue y dota a sus movimientos y su baile de una frescura, gracia, distancia y soltura, que muy pocos poseen. ¡Soberbio! En el sentido más creativo y artístico de la palabra. Hoy temprano por la mañana rumbo al yugo, rostros acerados y taciturnos observan lo que desde mis adentros adivino como una desorbitada manera de contemplar, una mueca de cómplice de satisfacción y alegría, que mi memoria alimenta en imágenes de fantasía, ensueño y realidad. En tiempos, como los que corren, alguien que se atreva a exteriorizar dicha conmoción, en un ámbito cotidiano como los que ocupamos a diario, con esos rostros como testigos y jueces, podría intuir que no encaja y hasta sospechar de ser tenido por un loco ¿Verdad?  ¿Cómo hago yo entonces para explicarles con palabras que ayer una vez más el maestro bailó? 
Un abrazo.    

Juan Pablo. September 18th , 2007

(because a show at Practica X in Bs As)
PD 1: ¡Qué sigan filmando! Adhiero de manera total a tu postura en lo referente a este punto. Tú, intuyo seguirás bailando, de una manera como lo hiciste ayer, para los que te registramos con otra cámara, que no esta hecha de plástico y circuitos impresos, una que va desde las órbitas oculares, pasan por algún hemisferio cerebral en el encéfalo y descansan en un músculo de fibras miocárdicas involuntarias.


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