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Live TANGO Technique classes

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Photo: Marcelo Di Rienzo

Tango Technique Classes

Giselle Anne has more than 300 classes already DONE!

This is a way to improve, learn and practice your tango technique dancing live from your home.

ALL levels live class through Zoom.

You do't need a partner, it's a class for for leaders & followers.

The class is thought to work individually focussing on the technique of the movements.

I create every class different combinations to practice your coordination, choreography, memory and fitness at the same time. Could be challenge and even demanding physically and mentally.

We work also on the rhythm, on the balance, on the terminology of the steps and even the structure.

Let's enjoy and have fun simultaneously working with your body.


Classes are twice a week, 1 hour long

Wednesdays 6:00 PM (MDT)
Saturdays 1:00 PM (MDT)


Cost is $10 per class- $80 x 10 clases

Student's comments

I have really enjoyed taking Giselle’s online tango technique class on a weekly basis for the past 18 months. At first, I struggled to perform the movements and maintain my balance; but after several months of consistent regular attendance, I realized that everything was becoming less difficult and more enjoyable- yet always an exciting challenge.  

Moving myself alone - without a lead and the assistance of a partner has benefited me greatly. I am now much more  aware of my role and  responsibilities as a follower.  In addition, I gained a clear understanding of many terms, concepts and types of movements ( e.g., enrosques, flameo, agujita, etc.). The main structure of tango ( the “code of walking”) as well as the various rhythms and timings ( 1-3-1/12-1/1-41) are becoming more naturally incorporated into my movements.    

Besides these benefits, the exercise is wonderful and the classes are much more fun than a gym aerobics class, as the music is fabulous! When I miss a class I truly feel disappointed - that usually does not happen with many other activities. I highly recommend taking these fun and informative technique classes on a regular weekly basis. 

A.S. -October 28th, 2021

I really enjoy your technique classes!  You continue to surprise me with the variations you come up with. 

J.E- November  8th , 2021

I find your online classes so effective and one of the things that I find really unique about them is that they have such a clear and consistent structure, that helps a lot. In a way it reminds me of the structure of the barre work in classical ballet, a progression starting with the most basic movements and becoming more complex during the class, also in relation to the music. Having that structure also allows students to come up with routines on their own, mixing up movements practiced during class. 

C.T.- February 2023

Notes & Details


-All live classes will be taught via Zoom.  Zoom is a free program for video conferencing.  You should download Zoom App in order to 

participate in the class.

-Giselle Anne is teaching from Boulder, Colorado, therefore all time advertised are in USA mountain time (MDT). 

-You do't need a partner for this class. Essentially for followers, but leaders welcome:) 

-Any recording of live classes is prohibited.

-The link to each live class is unique for each person/couple who participates in the lesson. Non-shareable and non-transferable.

-Payment should be received at least 2 hours before a lesson starts in order to have time to send out an invitation link to all participants.

-Payments are possible through PayPal, Zelle or Venmo

If you have any question, please e-mail me. Thanks!

Join us!
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