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The BTS is available to rental space.

You can rent some available hours to have a private class or a group class.


See all conditions here:

Effective January 1, 2014





Main Ballroom rental                                               

-Weekday rate before 5pm

Small groups of less that 20 people, $20 / hour.
Larger groups of 20 people or more, $25 / hour.


-Weekday Evening rate after 5pm

Small groups of less that 20 people, $25 / hour.
Larger groups of 20 people or more, $30 / hour.


-Weekend rate- Before 6 pm
Small groups of less that 20 people, $25 / hour.
Larger groups of 20 people or more, $30 / hour.


-Weekend rate-After 6 pm (requires 3 hour minimum)

$40/hour, for regular users.


LEASES: Groups entering into an annual lease for weekly events throughout the year will receive a 5% discount for time slots totaling at least 3 hours per week. The annual lease must be paid in no fewer than 4 equal installments, with payments due on the 1st day of the month. The 1st quarterly payment is due when the lease is signed. All other leases are month-to-month and rent payment is due on the 1st of the month. A deposit equal to one month's rent may be due at the start of any new lease.


RESERVATIONS: The Studio can be reserved in time increments of 1/4 hour, and the minimum rental time is one (1) hour, except the minimum rental time after 6 p.m. is three (3) hours on weekends. Rental fees must be paid in advance. For regular users the rent payment is due on the first day of the month. In the absence of a long-term lease or any other rental agreement, time slots beyond the current month can only be secured by a 50% deposit. Refunds are available only if cancellations are received at least

fifteen (15) days prior to reservation date.


The BTS is also available to rent for a Night event on Weekends

The price is  $200 per night from 6:00 PM


When scheduling events, add sufficient time for dust-mopping, vacuuming, straightening-up and getting in and out of both the Studio and the parking lot in the time you have reserved, so the next group that is scheduled right after you can park and start on time. This may mean you want to rent an additional 15 minutes after your session is over to allow your group time to socialize after class. No extra time is allocated in the scheduling calendar for getting in or out of the Studio. Follow instructions posted at the Studio for parking, cleanup, sound system use, thermostat setting, etc. Be considerate of other users. Don't disturb classes in session.


PARKING: You may park in the spaces at North East corner, next to the BTS entrance.


For scheduling of the Studio e-mail to: BoulderTangoStudio@hotmail.com


Write checks to GUGI LLC and indicate dates and times for which payments are made.

There is a $20 fee for returned checks.

Send it to:

PO Box 971

Longmont, CO 80502

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