Seminar ONLINE & in person

 "Tango milonguero"



These special advance Tango Dance Seminars are intended:

  • For experienced tango dancers

  • For advanced dancers who are involved with teaching

  • For teachers

  • For professional dancers

  • For beginners and intermediate dancers who have the courage to face the tango as it is, and in all its magnitude

  • For all those who like to study  the tango deeply

Platform & Setup

Seminar at BTS or through  Zoom:

This seminar (October 16-18, 2020) is going to take place in a certain way to adapt to the current health and safety guidelines. In addition, Gustavo and Giselle will be teaching together, but each of them will be in a different geographic location (Gustavo is in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Giselle in Boulder, Colorado, USA.)


G&G will be connected via Zoom, and each of them will be dancing with a different professional partner at their location. They both will be showing the steps and explaining the details as always. Gustavo will be participating via Zoom and Giselle will be present in person at Boulder Tango Studio (BTS). There will be a projector set up at BTS to to demonstrate Gustavo’s movements and explanations. 


You will need to register as an "online participant" or "in person participant"

If you participate In Person, you should come to BTS every day of the seminar.

Giselle will be teaching there with an assistant.

You may bring your own computer or iPad if you prefer to watch Gustavo's demostrations on your own screen.Or we will have a large screen continuosly showing his part. 

If you are doing it ONLINE , G&G  will send you an ID  to enter the meeting, which will be different each day. So you will received 3 meeting IDs, one for each day of class.

Safety Guidelines


  • The use of the masks will be optional while you are dancing.

  • Your temperature will be taken upon your arrival each day.

  • No partner changes will be allowed; thus every couple will remain dancing together at all times. 

  • Dancing with the teacher (Giselle or her partner) will be optional in case you want feedback on some movement. 

  • The instructors will be happy to assist you by dancing with you or just by talking to you and maintaining a safe distance. Please let us know your preference.

  • Every couple will have a designated section marked on the floor to dance, and will stay in that same area all the time.

  • Please bring your own water/drinks and snacks.

Maximum attendance 8 couples

Please note that if we do NOT  get 8 couples to register for the "in person" seminar, then the entire seminar will be online participation only. 

Duration & Schedule

3 days: 9 hours of Tango instruction:

The Seminars will always have this time table: MDT time, Colorado, USA

Friday 18   &   Sunday 20

12:00 to 1:30 pm 1st daily class

1:30 to 2:00 pm break

2:00 to 3:30 pm 2nd daily class

Saturday 19

3:00 to 4:30 pm 1st daily class

4:30 to 5:00 pm break

5:00 to 6:30 pm 2nd daily class


 $220 per person (ONLINE)

 $500 per couple (IN PERSON)

You can Pay by:

Venmo @Giselle-Anne



Video & Sound Registration

It's not permitted to use video cameras,  nor sound recording  devices during the seminar. Those  who wish can film themselves during the breaks just in order to memorize.

We suggest to take writen notes!


Hope to have you in the group!

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