"Looking for a Partner at G&G seminars"


     Name                               City/Country                               Email                  lead/foll.      Seminars                  Comments

          Elina Gagari     Athens, Greece.              egagari@gmail.com                     F              B-C-D-E

Sue Lin.          Burlingame/USA.                suhwalin@gmail.com            F             B

Andrea Friend.    Denver,CO.              avfdaisy@aol.com.                 F              A,B


     Name                  City/Country                               Email                        lead/foll.    Seminars                      Comments

        Chad Wehba.       Los Angeles,USA.              chadw2100@gmail.com            L             A

How to be in the list:

  • Those who are looking for a partner may be recorded on a waiting list that can be seen below, there is one for men and another for women.

  • To be registered on the waiting list you can send your information by filling out the form below and we'll publish it shortly:

  • The agreements to team up for the Boulder Tango Studio Seminars must be made by stakeholders without our intervention. We only publish the data, without taking responsibility.

  • Even when attending with a partner is recommended, it is not strictly required.

  • Please consult us with any concerns.

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