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Diana Cruz


"Mechanics of the Fascia"



















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Biotensegrity is a conceptual approach emerging in the Bodywork and Movement arts and therapies. Based on the “Tensegrity Models” structural principals, Biotensegrity takes the concepts of “tensional integrity” or “floating compression”  and applies them to the dynamic mechanics of living organisms. Biotensegrity offers a conceptual tool to aid the traditional bodywork methods and practices (yoga, pilates, girokinesis, etc) in the ongoing search for recognizing the wholeness of the human body. It puts emphasis in the understanding of Fascia, the fabric of the body that embroiders tissues, muscles, bones, nerves, brain, glands, organs. Is a way of thinking biomechanics that adds depths to your regular practice and techniques of choice; a conceptual expansive frame that opens new ideas and  ways of exercising, using the concepts of “tension” and “compression” to create Space, Balance, Strength, Stability, Flexibility in the multidimensional fine system of our bodies. 

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Mondays in May : 12:00 pm (MDT)


2:00pm NY∙US / 11:00am CA∙US

12:00pm CO∙US / 1:00pm TX∙US

3:00pm BA∙ARG / 7:00pm UK

8:00pm DE / 9pm GR

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$10 per class


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