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All special events scheduled will be held at BTS
(unless otherwise noted).

How do I register:

You can register online using our membership page.

Email: and announce your intention to attend a class; any special instructions will be relayed.

Call: Stephen 720 933 6011


Master Instructor:
Sifu Stephen Joffe
World Class Education

Experience the Training Method of


New Qigong Classes at Boulder Tango Studio


In the 20 weeks of our Qigong training program, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of core Qigong principles through a practical series of meditations that can be instantly integrated into your daily life. This will dramatically increase clarity of mind, stimulate your energy system and overall health, reducing the effects of daily stress and chronic pain.

You will have the opportunity to learn:

  • Ancient Taoist meditative practices that begin with breath work (Qigong) and ultimately lead one to an ability in the visualization of the energy system.

  • Visualizations on the many facets to our energetic being provides a vital self-referencing mechanism.

  • You will be taught a series of practices that make way for emotional clarification, ensuring  a long and graceful life.

  • The constant awareness of the absolute necessity to center emotion in day-to-day living gives the ultimate incentive for practice, as you learn to make life swing relative to yourself.

  • It is in this way, and only this way that you will learn to remove yourself from the unhealthy distractions of modern life and move toward your higher purpose.

  • As awareness deepens in training, you will be equipped to build a unique meditation regime that suits your specific needs. In every sense you will learn the art of personal perfection.

  • Training accentuates meditation as a powerful tool used to unlock your energy system and spark healthy contemplation on the best use of personal life-force.

  • In turn, the developed capacity to apply energy in the correct places of one’s life is the greatest way to find true ground or complete faith in living.

Class format:

  • Meditative practices are taught with a clear theoretical breakdown, and powerful description of the beneficial effects.

  • The Qigong training program is both systematic and developmental, delivering comprehensive Qigong ability.

  • The practical emphasis in our training is: how to make meditation work for you.

Location: Boulder Tango Studio

Training fees:

For the 5 months of training, if you attend: 1 class/week = $80/month;  2 classes/week = $150/month.

Private sessions = $125 hour.

Combination class and private training sessions are available on request.

Private training sessions are highly recommended, this is a great way to take advantage of our information dense lessons and accelerate your learning.

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