The beginners classes at the BTS make it possible for you to enjoy danceing the tango after only a few sessions.  With the professional instruction and coaching of Gustavo and Giselle you will dance at an elementary level with musicality, and in coordination with a partner.  The goal of the beginners classes is to create a skill level which permits you to experience the community and pleasure of the Milonga (social dance event).

To develop your tango dance skill we offer two tracks, the drop in series of classes and the ‘progressive program’


You pay per class at the door without any advanced registration.  You can attend it with your regular or preferred dance partner .  If you don’t have a dance partner, no worries, we will help match you with other singles for the dancing practice and exercises.





THURSDAYS   6:00 PM (by Vanessa & Fernando) 

SATURDAYS  3:30 PM (by John. Miller)

Duration of the class: 1 hour


BEGINNERS "Progressive Program"

The Progressive series of classes is designed to advance your tango dance skill to the advanced beginners level within a fixed interval of 16 classes each Program.  The goal is to ensure that you are able to enjoy any tango dance floor situation, with musicality, and in coordination with any partner.  We  systematically emphasize the basic technical structure, vocabulary, and concepts of tango movement.  It does ‘take two to tango’ and our objective in this series is to develop the essential partner communication and coordination needed to enjoy the dance as one.


Because these classes are progressive in nature, each session building on the previous classes, the sequence must be purchased as a package.  There are four packages available with 8 classes each as follows.

Make-up Classes: We prefer our students attend their regularly scheduled class, but we do allow make-ups. All make-ups must be completed within a month of the missed class, and MUST BE SCHEDULED  in advance.  Make-ups must be done in a class of the same age, level, and type as the class missed. We do not pro-rate or give credit for missed classes.


Next Programs

 A & B will start March 24th, 2020


Days of the week:

Program A & B:



Duration of the class : 1 hour


Please note - Because these classes progressively introduce new material and techniques you must attend all sessions in sequence.  If you must miss a session we ask that you make it up within the same week by attending one of the same level drop-in classes at BTS.  In this way everyone in the class will progress at the same rate and be ready each week for new material.


To register please complete this form and send it. We'll contact you as soon as possible.

All Programs will start if there are a minimun of 15 people register. No necesarily to register in couple.

First time Tango in a Beginner Class??

What to wear:

Comfortable cloths, non-marking shoes, preferable shoes without rubber soles or metal high heels. 


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