Aldo Romero 

Milonga classes!

Be ready to dance at the Festival!

only 5 classes to warm up!

Tuesdays & Thursdays 7:00 to 8:30 pm
September 17th ,19th, 24 th, 26th 
& October 1st, 2019


Aldo Romero will be available for Privates Lessons!!!

consult us.




1 class: $20

5 classes: $90



Hope to have you in the group!

Aldo Romero

has danced Argentine Tango since 1999. A resident of Buenos Aires since 1989, Aldo moved to the city from Tucuman, a province in the Northwest of Argentina where he was born.
Over the course of his dance career, Aldo has studied with many of the great masters of tango including Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne, Esther Amelio & Mingo Pugliese, Natalia Games & Gabriel Angió, Carolina Bonaventura & Demián Garcia, and others.
Along with his dance partner Ana Lia Carrizo, Aldo won the Metropolitano Championship in 2011, Senior Category. Aldo and Ana Lía also reached the final of the World Tango Championship in 2004, 2010, and 2011. In 2007, they reached the final of the Metropolitano Championship of Tango de Salón.
Aldo has participated in several tango competitions as a jury member including:
• the preliminary Campeonato Mundial de Tango 2018 in Tucumán
• the Campeonato Internacional de Tango de Tucumán 2016 and 2017
• the Campeonato de Tango del Festival de Venado Tuerto 2017
Tango Instruction
Centro Cultural Rojas, Universidad de Buenos Aires: 2005 -2013
Art Studio “El Andar”, Cohglan, Ciudad de Buenos Aires, 2006-2009
“Mariposita de San Telmo”, San Telmo, Ciudad de Buenos Aires, 2007-2008
Maestros at Escuela Argentina de Tango, 2005-2006

La Papelera, Buenos Aires- 2014-2017
Annual teaching tour, Europe and USA, 2005-present
Exhibitions at Milongas and Festivals, Europe and USA, 2005-present
Exhibitions at Milongas in Buenos Aires, 2005-present, including:
• “Milonga del 40” (La Ideal) with Los Reyes del Tango
• “Mi Milonga” (La Ideal)
• “Círculo Apolo”
• “Club Inca”
• “Glorias Argentinas”
Performance venues include:
• Sunderland
• Sin Rumbo
• La Catedral del Tango
• La Friulana
• Parakultural
• Salon Canning

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